10 Best Writing Prompts on Tumblr

Writing Prompts Tumblr

Looking for writing inspiration? Do you want to break through writer’s block? Look no further than Tumblr

There are thousands of writing prompts on Tumblr which you can use to inspire you next story. One quick Google search will connect you to several Tumblr blogs with a selection of prompts to choose from. 

However, there’s a big difference between a writing prompt and a good writing prompt so we took some time to scour Tumblr for 10 of our favourites. Here they are in no particular order: 

1. Use the following to make a story:

Genre: Young Adult

Person: A bored inventor

Problem: It’s been raining for 1 month with no signs of stopping. 

[Tumblr Source]

2. A woman prophesied to give birth to the "Chosen One" gives birth to triplets instead.

3. You have the ability to see into the past. You can only observe past events, not change them. You’re helping the police solve a murder. As you’re describing what happened, the killer suddenly turns around and seems to look you straight in the eye. “I know you’re watching”.

4. You’re strapped to a table. Surrounded by cultists. They’ve summoned their demonic deity and are preparing to sacrifice you. You’ve decided to go all-in on the only way out you have left. Make the demon an offer the cultists can’t match.

5. Write a story about a taco truck that engages in some shady, supernatural dealings.

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6. Write a romantic thriller that takes place at a sketchy amusement park.

7. When you turn 18, your greatest skill is multiplied by 10. Amazing driver? Now you’re practically invincible in a car. Expert bow shot? You can angle your shots down to the millimeter. No one expects your skill.

8. Write about someone who's a librarian by day, bounty hunter by night.

9. Write a story in which the main character is a building.

10. You see your best friend get a papercut. When you look over to see if she’s ok, She tries to hide it for dear life. When you finally get to look at the cut, sticky black liquid is pouring out from her wound.

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