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What are creative writing prompts?

Writing prompts are short creative ideas that help provide inspiration for what to write. They can take several forms, each designed to inspire your creativity in a different way. 

A character fascinated with the idea of past lives decides to do a hypnosis session to see if it would help them remember theirs. But, instead of just remembering it, they start living it.

This type of prompt has very specific parameters to write within. It features an entire storyline which you can interpret and continue in your own way. 

“Once you do this, you can never go back. Do you understand?” Write a story which includes this line of speech.

Unlike the Closed Writing Prompt, this one gives you far more space to interpret the prompt as you like. There’s no pre-existing story and instead this prompt can be used almost without restraints. 

Story starters are writing prompts that are created to inspire a story. They can inspire a standalone short-story or even an entire plot for a novel. An example of a story starter is: 

The house at the end of your street has been boarded up for as long as your protagonist can remember. Today, they decide to explore.

As the name suggests, poem starters work in the same way but for poems instead. They can be a great way to challenge yourself, especially when it comes to trying out different styles of poetry.

An example of a poem starter is: 

Write a Horatian ode to a fictional character you admire. Horatian odes are short lyrical poems that deal with themes of love and friendship. They are written in stanzas of 2 or 4 lines, with a consistent metrical pattern.

Unlike story and poem starters, writing obstacles aren’t designed to inspire an entire piece but instead pose a literary challenge to help inspire your writing. They might focus on a particular theme or literary element.

An example of a writing obstacle might be:

Write a description of being caught in a thunderstorm without using the following words: Above, Cold, Fall/Fell and Down.

Some people are more inspired by pictures than they are words. Visual writing prompts are tailored to this kind of writer. They may be accompanied with a brief description to help give it some extra context.


An example of an image prompt we use in Daily Prompt is: 

Image Writing Prompt - Couple In The Woods

What are the benefits of using creative writing prompts?

Overcome Writer's Block

Many of us will face writer’s block at some point in our lives. When writer’s block strikes, and you have no idea what to write about, writing prompts can help save the day.


They help ease the pressure and give you permission to create something imperfect that doesn’t need to be slotted into your work-in-progress.


Not only that, but they give you a clear place to start writing from when you’re being tormented by the blank white page. 

Be more productive

Even when you’re not suffering from writer’s block, it’s often difficult to get started. Sitting down and getting in the zone doesn’t always happen as easily as we’d hope, especially when it’s after a long day at work or late at night once the kids are in bed. 


Writing prompts are a warm-up exercise to help you to get your first few hundred words on the page. After 10-15 minutes of writing for a prompt, it’s much easier to switch to your desired writing task. 

Challenge yourself

We all get used to writing in a certain way. Particularly, if we’re in the middle of a book and have to maintain a consistent voice. Writing prompts are a fantastic way to step outside of your normal writing style and challenge yourself with something new. This might be challenging yourself to write in specific genres you’re not used to, or a writing technique you want to improve. 

How to use writing prompts to improve your writing skills

To make sure you get the most out of writing prompts, it’s important that you have access to high-quality prompts that are easy to filter to ensure you find prompts that meet your personal writing goals. 

Here are a couple of places you can try: 

Browse Writing Prompts

At Daily Prompt, we give you a brand new writing prompt every single day to help get your creative juices flowing. You can choose your prompt preferences to get personalised prompts based on your writing goals and preferred genres. We’ve got an easily searchable library of 1000+ high-quality writing prompts we’ve sourced to elevate your writing. 


There’s a passionate and talented writing community on Reddit and many subreddits dedicated to publishing writing prompts. Subreddits can usually be filtered by prompt type but it’s a bit more difficult to navigate past prompts and find high-quality prompts suitable to you. 

Tumblr and other blogs

Similar to Reddit, Tumblr and other online blogs are full of passionate writers working hard to improve their craft. One of the most popular on Tumblr is this one which has a large following. It shares a lot of brilliant writing prompts but is much more difficult to navigate and filter by the ones you like. 

How to get long-term benefit from writing prompts

One of the keys to becoming a better writer is simply writing often. If you write for just 15 minutes a day, you’ll improve a lot quicker than if you write for 2 hours a few times a month. 

You can compound the effect of writing regularly if you get feedback on where to improve. Daily Prompt was designed to help you get the most out of writing prompts and to level up as a writer. 

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