HM Violet: Writer of the Month

February's Writer of the Month

HM Violet has been a huge part of the Daily Prompt community since the moment she arrived. She’s always generous with feedback and encouragement which means she’s earned the highest Community Score of anyone using Daily Prompt (4082 and counting!!). 

HM Violet also goes the extra mile in bringing this community closer together by hosting a regular Write-In once or twice a week.

HM Violet, you are an absolute star. You’re a gifted writer and a truly radiant person always warming the community with your positivity day in and day out. Thank you for everything! 

What does your writing ritual look like?​

I grab one prompt book and 4-5 reference books (thesauri, picture books, or maybe even lists of words I’d like to use in writing eventually). Then I turn on Spotify and get to work…

Any tips for writing consistently well?

Inspiration comes from the strangest sources. Have fun learning in new areas! In learning about Point of View, I took a filming and directing class. And I got ideas for character motivation from listening to people talk about themselves on a cooking show. Diversifying sources helps bolster creativity.

Do you have any writing goals? ​

For my poetic fiction novel, my goal is to get it through professional editing and ultimately publish it (even if I just sell it to myself haha!) And for my experimental novel, it’s to write the words “the end” and actually mean them.

Unleash your inner author

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