Dede: Author of the Month – November

Daily Prompt - Author of the month

November’s Writer of the Month has an eclectic writing style. She floats between philosophical musings, gory scenes, and even the occasional romance (much to her dislike!) and she recently reached a 200 day writing streak! 

More than that, she regularly offers thoughtful well-crafted critiques in the app for her fellow writers and truly embodies the spirit of giving back to the Daily Prompt community.

With all that in mind, we’re happy to announce Dede as November’s Writer of the Month. 

We asked Dede a few questions about her writing habits and how she’s been able to write so consistently:

What does your writing routine look like?

I prefer writing in the morning. To get the ideas flowing I take a walk. The walk in itself is unremarkable, but the quietness of the early hour really helps quieten the mind; clears out the clutter allowing potential ideas to form. Initial ideas are jotted down whilst I’m eating breakfast- orange juice is vital to the process! 

A lot of the time I have to first play my thoughts out on my piano, allowing the music to paint the images for me to write down, or I listen to a piece of classical music that I feel best suits the prompt. My usual places to sit and write are either sat on the stairs or in my car.

Any tips for consistently writing well?

My theory to writing is you, as the writer, do not write the stories, the stories write themselves. It is less of actively searching for the ideas and more actively listening. Quite simply, if the story doesn’t want to be written then it won’t allow itself to be. I find if I try and force an idea into a much larger story then I get left with writer’s block. 

As the writer you are the middle point, the translator if you will, between the universe and the blank page.

Sometimes a story might take off in an unexpected direction, but you have to trust the process (and sometimes be pleasantly surprised with the outcome). Also, write what scares you, yet balance it with pieces of your personal story, one that only you can tell.

What is your writing goal?

My writing goal changes day-by-day. If I leave it as a fixed thing then I find it becomes stifling and takes away the enjoyment of the process of writing. 

Some days it is simple as writing in a genre that I am less familiar and less comfortable with, other days its pushing myself to write in a slightly different style. Whatever the goal might be writing is still a creative outlet. I do have an ongoing project, however I just leave it ticking over and adding bits to it as and when I feel like it.

Want to start writing regularly?

Join Dede and thousands of other writers who have decided to train their creative muscle and write every day. 

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