Norris Reynolds: Author of the Month

Daily Prompt - Author of the Month

Norris is an important member of the Daily Prompt community. He writes creatively and cleverly and he’s even been known to throw some Easter eggs into his stories for an added dose of joy to anyone who notices.

More than this, Norris has helped dozens of readers by giving high-quality and thoughtful feedback. He regularly spends time supporting the wider community and in return we’d like to give him some support!

Great job, Norris. You are Daily Prompt’s Writer of the Month! ✍️

What does your writing ritual look like?

I tend to grab a cup of coffee at a local shop and commit to an hour or so of writing every day. If I’m working on something longer, that time might be spent in rewriting or editing.

Any tips for consistently writing well?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice of my own here, so I’ll parrot what I’ve learned from authors who are: Write. A lot.

And read even more than you write.

The one thing I’d add is not to treat the medium as sacred, but to go broad. I learn from everything: music, novels, comics, screenplays, games, poetry, cleverly-worded graffiti, whatever.

Stories are stories; Words are words.

Do you have any writing goals?

I write things. For me, it’s really that simple. I enjoy it.

That said, I’m currently working on a novel (who isn’t?), and hope that, eventually, some internet celebrity is photographed reading it so I can get paid to write the next one.

And buy a jet ski. 

Want to become a better writer?

Join Norris and thousands of others who use Daily Prompt to inspire their writing routine.

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