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Typewise Keyboard

Have you ever wondered why we use the QWERTY keyboard design? Why aren’t our keyboards in alphabetical order? Or a different order entirely?

One of the most popular theories suggests that QWERTY was originally designed for the typewriter in the 19th century. Typewriters were mechanical and could easily jam so, according to the theory, the QWERTY layout was chosen to deliberately slow typing down to prevent that from happening. But the keyboards origins are shrouded in mystery and this theory is debated. An opposing theory suggests that the earliest typewriters were used to transcribe morse code, and the QWERTY layout evolved from there. 

Wherever QWERTY originated, 140 years later we still use it despite morse code and typewriters no longer being prominent ways to communicate. One company has decided to reimagine the keyboard and design it for the way we communicate today…

Enter Typewise. They’ve made it their mission to reinvent the keyboard based on how we actually type on our phones (not how we used to type on typewriters). According to the company, current interaction with our digital devices happens at only 10% of the speed of our thoughts. To speed things up and help us write more efficiently, they’ve:

  • Designed and patented a unique, hexagon-shaped keyboard which boasts larger keys. 
  • Created a more efficient layout
  • And built a powerful autocorrect AI that gets smarter as you type.

With over 1.5 million downloads already, it seems a lot of people are ready to give it a try. 

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Daily Prompt x Typewise

While you’re crafting your latest story, your focus should be on your imagination, not the clumsy process of typing and fixing issues with autocorrect. We were so impressed with Typewise’s mission to remove the obstacles between your imagination and your expression, that we’ve partnered with them for a special promotion. 

We have 25 Typewise PRO lifetime memberships up for grabs for the next 25 people who sign up for Daily Prompt Premium this week. A word of warning, their hexagonal layout does take a bit of adjusting to but once you adapt – you’ll find yourself typing faster and more accurately than before. 

You can also start using the Typewise free version by downloading the app here

If you want to try a keyboard specially designed for your smartphone, register with Daily Prompt Premium and you’ll receive your special voucher code for Typewise PRO FREE.

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