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Daily Prompt provides creative writing prompts to help you beat writer’s block and build a daily writing habit.


We all know that writing regularly helps us to improve as writers, but it can be really hard to stick to a regular writing routine. Writer’s block is real and with such busy lives it’s easy to stop writing completely.


Daily Prompt was designed to make it as easy as possible to write every single day. 


Get writing inspiration:

Receive brand new creative writing prompts every day to help inspire your daily writing.


Get feedback on your writing:

Read pieces from other authors and give/receive constructive feedback on how to improve.


Get accountable:

Connect with and follow your favourite writers in the app. Give each other the support and motivation to keep writing.


If you’re ready to take your writing seriously, if you’re stuck on what to write, or if you simply want a creative release every day, Daily Prompt can provide the inspiration you need. We provide varied, original daily prompts to help challenge you and guide you in exploring different writing styles and techniques.


Who can benefit from our creative writing prompts?

Daily Prompt is a great writing app for writers who:

  • Want to start a daily writing habit
  • Want to beat writer’s block
  • Crave daily creative expression
  • Want to enter writing competitions
  • Want to challenge themselves
  • And want to improve their creative writing ability.


What can you gain from Daily Prompt Premium?

With a free Daily Prompt account, you get a new writing prompt every day and can give/receive feedback to other writers in our community.


If you want to take your writing to the next level, upgrade to Daily Prompt Premium to access:

  • A library of 600+ prompts
  • The ability to export your work
  • Advanced writer insights
  • Unlimited entries to our weekly writing competitions
  • Our exclusive premium writer’s group


Write without limits.

Premium membership also unlocks:

  • An unrestricted number of writings per day
  • An unrestricted word count for each writing


Daily Prompt provides creative writing prompts and exercises to help you get better as an author.