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Our mission is to help you become a better writer in just 15 minutes a day.

Building better authors

Getting good at writing takes a lot of work and commitment. We see so many authors lose confidence and give up too soon. This is a loss for them and a loss for the world which will never get to experience the worlds they might have dreamed up had they kept going. 

Our writing prompts make it easy to write regularly. They provide inspiration and motivation to show up and get words on the page. The more you write, the more you develop as a writer. 

We use writing prompts to help you:

Start a writing habit and progress as an author

Challenge yourself to try out new styles and genres

Get feedback on your writing

Find inspiration when writer’s block strikes

And even outline your novel

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The Team

Ryan Lindsey - Founder Daily Prompt

Ryan Lindsey

Founder/Lead Engineer

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and was one of the first employees at the FinTech startup Cuvva. He started Daily Prompt to help writers harness the power of daily incremental progress. 

Tom Norman - Head of Community at Daily Prompt

Tom Norman

Head of Community

Tom’s doing all things community around here. He’s organising writing events, getting to know members, and generally trying to help you to get the most you can out of Daily Prompt. 

Izzi - Head of Content at Daily Prompt

Izzi Everard

Head of Content

Izzi is responsible for everything you see in the app – all your daily prompts, competitions, images, and writing tips!

Tom Norman - Head of Community at Daily Prompt

Izzi Everard

Head of Content

Izzi has one of the most important tasks… she helps organise the original creative prompts we share every day. It’s not an easy task and is fuelled by a morning coffee and lots of chin scratching.

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